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The Stinger R36 soft air rifle, which resembles elite U.S. Navy SEALs weaponry, was designed for the ultimate tactical experience. A four-sided rail structure lets you mount various accessories like t...
Awesome Fully Automatic Mac 11. Shoots hard at 300 FPS with a .20g BB. Operates on Green Gas. With a 40 shot high capacity magazine. Select fire Full Auto or Semi Auto. If you're looking for a realist...

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HFC HG-195
New HFC-195 - gas blowback gun in a beautiful aluminum case. This Eagle is one of the hardest kicking pistols in airsoft. This version by HFC not only kicks hard, makes a loud sound, but also performs at 300 fps of power! This HFC version is also wider and more true to dimensions to the real pistol. Durable ABS construction with rubber finishing grips. Metal parts include trigger, ambidextrous safety, hammer, slide lock, safety, and removeable full size magazine. Not designed for small hands, this gun packs a menacing kick on each round. Strong recoil spring means that the slide locks back into place with a very loud and solid slap. Attractive blowback sound is music to your ears. Beautiful alumunium pistol case is included with this gun.
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